Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CineGrub Movie Contest!

I thought I'd start off the month of June with a contest for my followers! I'm sure many of you are thinking of what movies you would choose for a CineGrub night. Well, here's your chance! Each of my followers get to nominate one movie. When nominations close, I will then open up a poll so everybody can vote (honors system, no voting for your own movie). I will create recipe(s) for the winning movie and make a post for them toward the end of the month. The winner also has the option of telling me what they want the menu to be. If you don't want to take it that far, you can just leave it all in my hands. Aside from the satisfaction of winning, the winner will also receive a small piece of art inspired by the film, created by yours truly.

The Rules:

- Nominations are restricted to only public followers of Vegan Cinegrub. Shouldn't be a problem if you would like to participate, just hit the follow button, anyone is welcome.

- Only one nomination per person

- Choose one movie other than your own to vote for (when polls open).

Leave your nomination in the comment section below, I will let everyone know when nominations are about to close. Then I'll open up the polls! If this is a success and gets lots of positive feedback, I'll do this contest every month! Good Luck!


  1. my movie nomination is: Waitress

    i love the movie and have always wanted to some how veganize the mermaid pie.

  2. What a difficult decision! I have NO idea of what kind of movie/menu combo, but why not just go with my all time favorite movie, and then let YOU get creative and come up with the menu?

    My all time favorite movie is: GREASE!!!

  3. How about the great movie - Pulp Fiction?

  4. Nick doesn't have his own email, so I let him use my profile for his entry!
    This was a hard choice. My favorite movies are Harry Potter (all of them). But I thought for this contest I would choose a different kind of favorite movie. So, my movie idea is Secretariat. This movie is about a family that didn't have much money and they had a lot of horses. One of their horses had a baby, and that baby had a natural talent for racing. And he ended up winning the Triple Crown. I think it is a movie that you would like and enjoy.

  5. My favorite movie is The Notebook. I feel like I need to add "I'm sorry" after that. :)

  6. Ha! No apologies necessary, Jenny. No one can tell us there is anything wrong with the movies we like. Plus, I liked The Notebook.

  7. I submit The Muppet Movie. Muppets on bikes and Kermit singing, it doesn't get much better. With a vegan dish to boot, you can show Kermit it IS easy being green.

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