Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Life As A Dog- Doggie Dinner and Treats!

This film is a gem and if you take only one recommendation from me, let it be this one. It is one of the most charming and heart-warming films I have ever seen and it's one of my favorites of all time. It is a Swedish film by Lasse Hallstrom, set in 1959. It is a coming of age story about a special, quirky little boy who has to cope with his mother's illness and being sent off and passed around. The boy, Ingemar, puts his life into perspective by giving us examples of how it could be worse. One of these examples is a dog who was sent into space and never returned. This paired with his own beloved dog being left behind, gives the boy a perspective of how dogs are treated by people, sent off or abandoned, and he can relate too well. The boy in this film is utterly adorable and he will melt your heart! Currently streaming on Netflix, from 1985, My Life As A Dog/Mitt Liv Som Hund... (In the critereon collection)

"And what about Laika, the space dog? They put her in Sputnik and sent her into space... It's important to have something like that to compare things to."
For the menu pairing of this movie, I decided to make it all about vegan dogs! I have just recently became a dog Mamma by surprise. I guess it's kinda like an accidental pregnancy. This guy just showed up at our doorstep one day. We had no intention of adopting a dog, we already have 3 cats, it just wasn't an option. I walked around the neighborhood for a long time, a couple of hours, asking people if they knew him, taking breaks to make phone calls to see if anyone would let him sleep over just for the night, possibly longer. Well, no luck there. Looks like the guy had to stay in my bedroom for the night. I carried him in trying to freak out my cats as little as possible. Gave him a bath, then we went to bed. Thank goodness he was housebroken!!!

We had a lot of drama after that, rescue groups were full, nobody we knew was willing to foster, and my cats were freaking out. We advertised to find out if anyone was looking for him and no luck there. To make a long story short, there was a city shelter involved, there was drama, and before we knew it, our cats were getting along with him (more like tolerating him), and we were the new proud parents of this sweet dog. We named him Henry, and we are so glad that he chose us to be his family. He brings us such joy, he makes us laugh all of the time and now we can't imagine our lives without him.

We are new to this and I'm not an expert on the particulars, but one thing I'm certain about is, yes, dogs can be vegan. So we are trying out vegan kibble, but we really want most of his diet to be food that we cook ourselves, with some supplementation, like vegedog. Here is a free online book about a vegan food lifestyle for a doggie. of course always check with your vet when starting a new diet. Sometimes though, vets just want to push a certain type of food that their office carries (just like a doctor for humans who pushes a certain brand of meds). And some will be against a vegan diet. In either of these cases, get a different vet. Just like any profession, there are good ones and there are bad ones. My sister happens to be one of the very good vets out there, even though she'll probably be mad at me for making this post without consulting her first ;) here is a list of foods that dogs absolutely CANNOT eat! Also on that site are some great treat recipes.

Henry says- "There is no such thing as a responsible breeder when 6-8 million dogs and cats enter U.S. shelters every year and more than half of them end up killed because they no longer have room for them. The average age of animals entering shelters is under 18 months and 20-30% are purebred. And contrary to a popular belief, the vast majority of shelter animals were NOT abused. Most commonly, these animals were abandoned by their families who didn't want them anymore.

Although I don't understand why people don't want dogs like me, just because we are mixed, there are also rescue groups for every breed. There is no reason you can't find exactly what you are looking for without the use of a breeder or petshop. There is absolutely no excuse, don't buy while shelter animals die." ~ Henry

Here is a dinner that I made for Henry on our "My Life As A Dog night." It is barley, baked tofu, korean sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach and some safflower oil...
Look... He likes it!!! That's my vegan boy!!! He's good at portion control though, he didn't eat the whole thing, that would've been too much.
For dessert I made some heart-shaped peanut butter biscuits...
And he likes the biscuits too!!!


  1. I had never heard of The Waitress movie. I googled it and hope to see it soon online. Looks like something I would like.

  2. i wrote a long comment yesterday, but blogger must have ate it. :(

    i really enjoyed this post and getting to know a little more about your furry children. such great meant to be stories. :)

    i wish i had room for a doggie friend again so that i could cook up some yummy vegan meals for him/her. but i do enjoy making treats for shelter dogs and friends dogs. i only wish there was some kinda vegan kitty treat that i could make that cats would actually like... well aside from sliced Tofurkey which they are always begging for. haha. i was thinking maybe something with nutritional yeast and catnip??? idk... have you ever experimented with vegan kitty treats?

  3. @Virtual Vegan... i thought the movie Waitress was streaming on Netflix, but its not. boo. :( maybe soon... It does however happen to come on TV quite a bit, like the TBS, TNT type of channels. Its a really cute movie that I find myself watching every time it comes on.

  4. Yeah, it is more difficult to come up with a vegan cat treat that they will actually eat. Hazey is still in scavenger mode from her street days, she'll come and eat right off of our plates, I give her tofu sometimes as a snack. Elliot likes ice cream or anything creamy, he eats follow your heart chz in the rare occasions I have it. He also like cashew chz. I discovered that when I left it out on the counter and I came into the kitchen and he was licking it :) although, i would be afraid to give it to any other cat on purpose because cashews are in the poison ivy family :/ I'm always afraid of weird reactions that might occur, although from what my sister said, raisins, grapes and onions are to be avoided, but I worry about the high allergens for humans. I came across a tofu jerky recipe that they might like, dehydrated tofu marinated in a little soy sauce and liquid smoke, I might try that.

  5. And sorry blogger messed up your comment. I hate when i write out a big thing and then it's lost forever :(

  6. Love hearing about your furry family! Dogs are wonderful, wouldn't be without mine :) http://existingstricky.blogspot.com/2010/12/love-and-gratitude-fridays-tritons-3rd.html

  7. Thanks so much for the links to my blog! I love this post, and your blog overall. :)

  8. Absolutely! I want to try out some of your recipes sometime :)

    Thanks! :)