Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Man With Two Brains

Extra Noodle In The Coconut
The title of this movie is a little deceiving. Steve Martin doesn't actually *possess* two brains. The extra brain refers to a brain in a vat that he falls in love and has an affair with. So this movie is ridiculous, some might say stupid, but I love it and it makes me laugh so hard. It's a good zany comedy if that's what you're in the mood for.

Steve Martin plays Dr. Michael Hfuruhurr, a brain surgeon who invented screw top brain surgery. He hits a woman with his car, whom he ends up performing surgery on and marrying. His wife is only after his money and he quickly catches on that she is not the woman he thought she was. While at a medical conference, he meets a mad scientist who keeps a bunch of brains in vats in his laboratory. Dr. Hfuruhurr hits it off with one of the brains (played by Sissy Spacek) and now the only problem... finding her a body.

From 1983, The Man With Two Brains...

"Ladies and gentlemen, I envision a day when the lives of brilliant men can be kept alive in the bodies of dumb people."

"I don't think there's a girl floating in a jar anywhere who is as happy as I am"

Extra Noodle In The Coconut

I liked the recipe I created, but when I was eating this, I was just thinking about how much I'd rather it be a Red Curry with zucchini and eggplant noodles instead. So Instead of giving you this recipe, I'll tell you what I do for my red curry. When I make it at home, I buy red curry paste and mix some with coconut milk :/ it ends up to be much cheaper than buying all the ingredients myself, and there are so many vegan Thai restaurants where I live too. So there's no reason to go through all of the labor.

So no recipe this time, but what I will offer you is the concept and instructions on how to make coconut serving bowls. There are 3 eyes at the end of the coconut, one of them is soft and you can poke all the way through it (I used a metal sweker). Use the hole you just poked to drain the coconut water. Save it in a jar, put in in the fridge and drink it later. Next, bake the coconut at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Take a hammer and firmly, hit the coconut along the equator. (Don't whack it, just hit it firmly). Rotate and hit, and it will eventually crack along the horizon. (It could take a while, be patient).

Then you have your coconut serving bowls!

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