Thursday, October 13, 2011

(Vegan MoFo) The Frank Award

National Feral Cat Day is on Sunday October 16th, so in honor I would like to give out my very prestigious Frank Award to my favorite MoFo posts so far. Frank was a super awesome feral cat who is no longer with us, but I got the pleasure of knowing him in his brief life on this planet. So in honor of Frank and all of the feral cats who need our help, let's celebrate and meditate on a healthier life for them and the end of street births through Trap Neuter Return.

*I've been loving the themes some bloggers have been taking on this month and this one was particularly appealing to me. Over at Air Eater, she has been making a series of Bento Boxes. For those who aren't familiar, they are a Japanese lunch box of sorts, concentrating on arrangement, simplicity and efficiency. Often Bentos feature special food characters, such as a food item designed to look like an animal. It was difficult to choose my favorite, but this Pac Man Bento, I found especially charming.

*I am a big fan of Mochi and I'm always interested in different ways to incorporate it in a dish. So these Mochi Dumplings from Vegan Chickpea got an immediate bookmark.

*Zombie Cats Eating Plants wasn't messing around when she kicked off her MoFo month. Are you ready for this? Chocolate Peanut Butter Marshmallow Croissants ! This is bookmarked for my next period.

*My next favorite is not a recipe, but a post from The "V" word, on my favorite book, The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J. Adams. If you have not read this book, I strongly urge you to do so. It is an eye-opening critical examination of the strong link from our patriarchal society to animal consumption and the business behind it. In the post there is an excerpt from an interview with Carol J. Adams.

*Over at Winged Snail, she has inspired me to make my own fresh homemade pasta. Thanks Sarah, I needed this boost.

*Over at coldandsleepy cooks, she's making her way through the alphabet and my favorite so far has been "H" Chik patties & potato squashers with homemade horseradish cream sauce. I'm quite enamored with this blog, everything looks so good and her pictures are so cool.

Frank <3

A couple of these outdoor cuties need homes. They are in the L.A. area. If you know of anyone looking to adopt a cat or 2, please let me know. I'm having a hard time getting help out here in L.A. with adoptions. Thanks!


  1. Frank was a beauty. Yesterday I gave money to the lady across the street who is going to get a feral/stray cat (she is friendly - not sure her story) spayed next week!

  2. That's great! Thanks for helping the kitty :)

  3. Thanks for digging my site and my bento box. That's very nice of you. It was harder than I thought. :) Lidia