Friday, October 12, 2012

My Wedding!

So here's the deal, I missed the first week of Mofo because I was busy getting married and stuff! Can you believe I chose a wedding date right at the beginning of Mofo's month of food!? I have some catching up to do! Luckily there was tons of delicious food we stuffed our faces with at our wedding that I can talk about. Actually, our venue was a vegan restaurant! The V-Spot in Park Slope, Brooklyn! They were in the middle of renovations for their new back patio about 3 months before our wedding (we still had not planned a single thing yet!) when we stumbled upon the sign- patio coming soon! So we told them we were looking for a wedding venue for 30 people and asked if we can use their patio. They said, sure! And it was the absolutely best venue we could have ever asked for. It was perfect, very "us" and we were honored to be their very first wedding out on a patio which I'm sure will hold many more events. Also, my sister Jeannette of JP Searcy Photography was our wedding photographer!

Everything about our wedding was vegan, the food of course, the venue, our attire, even our officiant! My mom came up to New York to take me dress shopping. I had a budget of $500, which I thought was a ridiculous amount to spend on a piece of clothing, but apparently this is very cheap for a wedding gown. We started at David's bridal and I found one that was just okay, but would have worked, it was $500 and vegan. My consultant told me the problem was my budget, she couldn't find much for me in my price range. So onto the next shop which was a non-profit where designers donate their gowns and the money made from the dresses goes to charity. So I found one that I absolutely fell in love with. I asked my consultant what the material was, she poked around to find the tag and low and behold, it was 100% silk. No bueno. I then told my mom that we can make this dress ourselves! A look of panic came across her face and after much persuading, she agreed. So the dress I am wearing looks a lot like the $600 one I tried on only mine is a better color, it's lacking a speckling of sparkle on the bodice like the one in the shop, it cost about $100 to make and it's cruelty free! My mom made the majority of it and I put a couple of finishing touches on it.

Joe's suit is from Top Man who uses many man-made materials. It was hard to find a non-wool men's suit! We also requested that if our guests purchase any attire for our wedding that the articles be vegan. This only managed to piss 2 people off. Not bad only 2 out of 30! We are so glad we requested this though because our guests kept coming up to us showing us their new vegan shoes, or belt, their polyester dress, what have you! And most were very pleased they were able to do that for us :)

Originally the plan was (since I was about 12 years old) that both of my partner's parents would walk him down the aisle and both of my parents would walk me down. I thought this removed the sexism out of the tradition of a father's ownership of his daughter and passing along the ownership to her husband. Well, I got half of what I wanted. Apparently both of Joe's parents sharing that moment together was out of the question. So at least I had both my mom and dad walk WITH me down the aisle (not give me away!!!)

Great reaction from my husband to-be as I walk down the aisle :)

We had our friend, Jessi VanPelt of Peace to All Creatures Zine and Blog, officiate our ceremony. Jessi, being one of the only 2 vegans at our wedding almost didn't have a choice, the ceremony was heavy with the vegan values so we wanted someone to officiate that was connected with those values and stood behind the words she was saying. We kind of sprung it on her a few days prior that she would be officiating. Thanks for pulling through, Jessi!!! Melanie Joy recently officiated a wedding and posted her ceremony online. So, we loved it of course! And used most of it, while writing a little ourselves. Thanks Dr. Joy!!!

We wanted to do a romantic comedy movie poster pose as a joke, the whole back to back over the shoulder look. "They hated each other at first but ended up being perfect for each other." But it turned out to be really good and one of my favorites! We even tried to get the smirks down. His saying "how did I get tangled up with this crazy woman" and mine saying "I'm so much better than him, although he slightly amuses me" By the way, we never had the rom-com relationship, we always liked each other!

Now this shot was taken by my friend Matt, who has a great eye! I love it so much. Classic, New York :) Our venue was spectacular. It wouldn't have fit very many more people so it was perfect for an intimate wedding. We were surrounded by these charming apartments and fire escapes. Someone even had their laundry hanging out to dry on the fire escape, I loved that.

This was taken the next day at Top of The Rock at Rockefeller Center. The benefits of being related to your photographer, we got in our wedding attire the next day and took more photos! There were these awesome stormy clouds out which made it look really cool.

I think what I wanted most were some subway shots.

We were excited about this one!

Wanna know what we ate? It was buffet style with Summer Rolls, Empanadas, Tacos and an awesome asian noodle dish. I forgot to tell my sister that vegans need pictures of every single thing they eat so they can show everyone ;) so we didn't get any shots of the food, but no complaints here, I love our pictures! I pulled these pics off the internet, they are pics of v-spot food, just like what we had at the wedding.

That was my charming little wedding! I am so happy with the way everything turned out. We were able to stay under our $4,000 budget for everything which is apparently unheard of in New York City, with a low budget wedding starting at $35,000! So my advice to couples planning a wedding, get creative, and pull your resources. Seek out a place that doesn't do weddings typically, because if they are in the wedding business, you're looking at tens of thousands of dollars. DIY, little things like the day of, we went to a sidewalk vendor to buy some flowers, I picked up a bouquet of pink baby roses for $7 and made my bouquet out of it, I used scrap fabric from my dress to wrap it. Saved me about $100 easy. The things that we will remember about our wedding are not things like centerpieces or whether my dress was good enough or any other million little things we pour massive amounts of money into because we want our wedding day to be perfect. What makes it memorable and perfect are the moments, the celebration, the dancing, being with your loved ones who chose to share this special day with you.

I love him so much and I can't believe how lucky I am to have found a partner so wonderful to share this crazy life with. And can you believe, he chose me too! Go figure :)


  1. Awww congratulations! Your pictures are awesome, I especially love the rom com & subway ones! I had a friend make my vegan wedding dress, so much cheaper & better than something from a store.

    1. Thanks Jojo! I just had to search your blog for a wedding post. You guys look awesome! I love your 2 toned dress and his stripes! I hope you found time to eat all that food, I had a hard time eating at my wedding but took tons back with us to the hotel.

  2. I actually saw one of your gorgeous wedding photos on FB, because I'm friends with Jessi. Small happy vegan world :)
    You and your mom did a fantastic job on your dress, looks like the perfect day, and you are the perfect vegan bride. Congratulations :)

  3. Congrats! Looks like a beautiful vegan wedding .

  4. I can see how much love you have for each other! The pictures say it all! All smiles! The mood was very light. How’s everything now?

    -Walter Tully

  5. Wow! You really did make the most out of what you have for a budget. The venue may be simple, unlike those traditional weddings celebrated at a church or at a beach, but yours is lovely just the same. You proved that the happiest moments of an event are what make the event, not the tangible elements that have to be paid for.

    Kelli Mueller

  6. Practical tips, Pj. Although, weddings are kind of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, there are more important things you would need to spend money for after the ceremony. Therefore, you must not spend more than what you can afford. After all, a wedding day is a special day, with or without a luxurious celebration.