Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Name and Vegan Mofo 2014

I started this blog four years ago with the title "Vegan Cinegrub" I thought it was cute. Get it- instead of cinema, cine-grub? Well, when I talked to people in person who read my blog, they would say the title and there were many different variations, but none of them were quite the correct pronunciation. So scratch that idea, I'm going to keep it simple- It's dinner, it's a movie- Vegan dinner and a movie. Done. Well, last year during mofo, I was reminded of a person on the mofo staff who has a mofo theme every year where she does movie and recipe pairings, she calls the segment "Vegan Dinner and a Movie" She didn't say anything about my blog title being the same, she probably hasn't even seen my blog, I just wanted to move onto plan C so there are no duplicates out there. Also, I had a fear, since she is much more popular than me, that possibly someone would think I stole her idea. I've had this blog since before that particular mofo theme, I didn't steal the idea from anyone, but it's not the most original idea in the world, surely there would be more blogs like this in the future. So onto the third and hopefully final name- It came to me one day when I was planning a movie night, trying to think of a menu that would correspond with Adventures in Babysitting, I was getting annoyed having trouble solidifying an idea when I said "really all I want tonight is popcorn and nooch!" To which I exclaimed, "Eureka! That's my name!" So just in time for Vegan Mofo 2014 running throughout the month of September, I am reintroducing me and my blog. Hi world, it's me, Pj from Popcorn and Nooch.