Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kitties and Doughnuts

We just got back from a mini-break in Portland for my husband's birthday. One of the coolest things was the street that had a string of all vegan businesses. Sweetpea Baking Co., Herbivore and Food Fight were amongst this little vegan sanctuary. Away from this comforting little block, we had the famed Voodoo doughnuts. They were okay. Nothing worth waiting 40 minutes in line for. They had a vegan shelf, we were able to get a dozen that were all different. I really wish we would've supported an all vegan bakery instead, but we had to try it once. The person at the counter was nice and she let us pick the dozen that we wanted because apparently the customer doesn't usually get to choose which doughnuts they want. (vegan or not vegan are the choices). I think if you pay for each individual doughnut, you get to pick which ones you want. They had so many doughnuts with artificial coloring, we told her we didn't want artificial coloring, so she said she'll let us pick them but not to expect this to happen next time we are there because she's not supposed to do that. It's clear their success is do to their branding, not the product or service. A friend told me she was just at the one in Denver and they didn't have the vegan doughnuts labeled and they didn't know which ones were vegan when she asked. 

I did enjoy them, they're just nothing to write home about. I've had better. Much better. The line outside resembled something you would see at Disney World, they had the zig-zag barricade formation to organize the crowd. I thought it was a bit ridiculous how many people were there. It's amazing how far good branding can take a business with an average product. The best thing that came from our Voodoo doughnut experience was this insanely adorable picture of my kitties with the box of dough-doughs.


  1. I'm sorta not excited by Voodoo Doughnuts. I went there a few times in Portland, and it was mostly just the novelty of getting a vegan donut at 3am that did it, otherwise, I feel kind of like you do.

    I get that they are busy, but the idea of not being able to pick the dozen donuts seems a bit absurd to me. I enjoyed Sweetpea donuts quite a bit, but I haven't been in PDX in 4 years or so, maybe there are more options out there. You've made me feel further content about skipping the Denver spot as well!

    Super cute kitty donut photo!!

    (Oh, and if you're ever in Toronto - there are a couple of great vegan donut options, that I think might be worth standing 40 minutes in line for - although there is rarely a line at either place - Through Being Cool Vegan Bakery and Glory Hole Donuts (not all vegan).

    1. Thanks, I'll definitely check those out! Dunwell Donuts in Brooklyn makes probably the best donut I've ever had. And actually, Peacefood in Manhattan makes a version of the croissant/donut hybrid that's really dreamy!

  2. I feel the same way! They're good because donuts are good, but otherwise...whatevs. However, if my box came with adorable kitties that would certainly help things!